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Quarter Horse, Slick

October 5, 2018

I'm keeping the phone and tablet away from facebook but, I still spend a great deal of time online. 

All in all, it seems to be working okay.

I'm very please that I have been able to update this

site with McAfee Security.  I may not know you but, I'd rather know that I am sharing information that has top-tier protection for site users.

May 5, 2017      HERE'S THE PROBLEM.

I disconnected my phone and tablet from facebook. I'm sorry but, I am in contact with close to 100 people online each day and when I never got a moment away, I got tired!  My doctor told me that my getting overtired was not good for me so, now I'm trying to keep the doctor happy too.  It's not as though I am ignoring this site.  The joke is, it must be somebody's fault and it's not mine. It's Trump's fault because he has not extended the hours in the day!

Each October, on the first full weekend of the month Jasper, Georgia celebrates the Georgia Marble Festival. Georgia Marble has been and used to create historic architecture around the world, including the Archives Building in Atlanta, the New York Stock Exchange and the Lincoln Memorial.

Jasper is one of the few places in the world where pink marble is found.  

The backyard at sunset.

Murray County Saddle Club 2nd Place Ribbon

Congratulations, Maria & Dude!

This picture of Becca and Maria was taken at the 

Georgia National Fair in 2014.

We waste a lot of time with Anna Dog and Car Prince.

They are happy and that is what matters. 

You will find information about the Georgia Marble Festival through the following link.

View from Dude's back.

How we spend Our Time

Dude's dress rehearsal for show.