I really don't like doing this to you but, I found my favorite chocolate pies online and linked them here on GHC.

Kitchen Fun

You found it!  Our recipe for Rocky Road Fudge Bars!
We usually only have these available during the holiday season but,

you can be the master chef and prepare them at any time of the year.

Please note that we have provided two recipes in our file. 
The recipes are the same but we find it nice to have

both formats available.
This recipe is great fun to prepare with children of all ages

because it is very forgiving!

  Be patient cooking the sugar and feel free to omit nuts if necessary.  Enjoy!

Thanks to The Food Network we can all be Master Chefs. Well, at least we can pretend to be! 

The chili recipe that we developed is award winning and we're happy to share it with you. Get Kara's chili recipe here.

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