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Bianchi family history
We were fortunate that our Grand Aunt Gina was a visionary and took the time to compile a small booklet of family records long before the internet made doing the research so easy.  We're pleased to share this information with you.  We realize that some of the information contained may be difficult to read. Should you have difficulties, please feel free to contact us. 
Calderara family history
The Calderara family has a long history with the Bianchi family.  If you have unanswered questions, please visit our Contact Us page and we will put your question of the front burner! 
While we were doing our family research we frequently heard about the quarries in Quincy, MA.  We were very pleased to discover that Quincy has established the Quincy Quarry and Granite Workers Museum.  It especially pleased us to see that tools used by the stonecutters are featured on the virtual tour. Per Grand Aunt Gina, the proper term to use was 'stonecutter' regardless of the level of artistic ability.
                                             discontinued Family Tree Maker in December of 2015. They will support the software through 2017 but, as of today they still have not confirmed any specific brand or product to use as a direct replacement.

I have tried using but, my files have almost maxed out what they offer with the free trial. I am currently attempting to upload files to but, that process is taking forever! It appears that I will be purchasing RootsMagic software so that I will have a current resource for my files. 

If you've found a good genealogy software, please let me know.


This is Buddy. He is no longer on earth but, I am sure he keeps watch over us.

Huck and Nina Calderara

Bianchi and Calderara