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March, 2016 - Moved the web site to GoDaddy. The move hasn't been difficult but, I'm working on three sites and since I am maintaining my normal schedule I have a lot going on. The rest of the family is in a similar boat. Extra hours because of the season is nothing new for us. 

There is a gap in time on this page for a number of reasons but, I would have to say that it is my fault. I provide support to everyone in the home and it consumes a good bit of my time.

It all started with a genealogy project.

We decided to start our website after we had completed a homeschool project of genealogy. That was a decade ago. As time has passed, we have added to and have grown with our interests. Having an active presence online means we have met a lot of people and look forward to meeting more. Our hobby developed into where we have even more opportunity to meet others. 

Our newest venture is specifically mine, When we started GHC we saw a need to support veterans. Since I saw such activity on the GHC site, I decided to devote a site to assisting veterans, especially focusing on veterans that are returning to civilian life.

We are creatures of habit.

We laugh at ourselves for being this way but, it is the truth for us. As a family, we are involved in each others daily schedules and have common interests.

When we were out the other day, March 31, 2016 and we saw this amazing rainbow. As the final hours of the months ticked past, I would have to say that March went out like a lamb.

​​November, 2012 - We're preparing for the holidays!  The neighborhood Halloween celebration was grand and the fall festivals we more than plentiful.  We need to update this site, but we've been busy working.  It's the all work and no play thing that creeps in when you least expect it.  Feel free to visit our business, Georgianna Hardware Corporation.
July, 2012 - We've had a huge delay to our plans of getting this site back up to what it was back in April.  Sadly, my mom passed away on June 13th of this year.  Our hearts will never be the same, but we know we need to get back to work.  We'll be updating our pages as soon as possible.
June Update - Our comments below that we made in April are still true today.  We are not special as it just seems that there are never enough hours in the day.   At least we've had some progress.
April, 2012 - Well, this is a temporary thing!  Our web host discontinued the service that we used.  This newer design is supposed to be better, but the jury is still out.  In the mean time we're trying to edit, update, and fill in the blanks.  We're thinking it will all be in due time.